Hospitalization unit

Medical Services

The experienced medical personnel of ANIMUS Recovery and Rehabilitation Center treat the patients on a daily basis, evaluate their progress and decide for their pharmaceutical and therapeutic treatment, always according to their needs.

Diagnosis Services

  • Electroneurophysiology Laboratory
  • Movement and Walking Analysis Laboratory (Baropodometry NOVEL)
  • Isokinetic Evaluation and Exercise Laboratory
  • Ergometric Evaluation Laboratory
  • Biofeedback Laboratory
  • Microbiological Laboratory

Intensive Care Unit

The Intensive Care Unit of our Centre can host up to 14 patients.

It is built, equipped and staffed according to the directions of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine.

Outpatient treatment unit

Outpatient treatment unit or day case treatment unit is addressed to patients with chronic movement disorders in good health condition, but with no need to be medically treated on a 24 hour basis.

Such categories involve patients with permanent disabilities or patients after surgical operations on bones, joints and tendons.