Social Services

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Κοινωνική Υπηρεσία ANIMUS

Social services Department is the connection between the Recovery Centre and the patient’s family environment, but also between the patient’s hospital and after-hospital treatment.

The Social Therapist is responsible for the prevention and the problem solving during the patient’s adaptation phase in the Centre, contributing this way to a successful treatment therapy. He also takes care of building relationships and communication among the patients.

His role in patient’s social reintegration is vital, since the Social Therapist is the person who prepares the normal social, family and professional reintegration. In addition, he encourages and develops the patients’ potentialities.

The Social Therapist considers the patient’s way of living before the disease, together with his family and economic status, and tries to ensure the balance between the previous and the present situation.

He also supports the family, in order to participate in the patient’s recovery treatment, while sometimes he tries to prevent either the excessive protection or the indifference expressed by the family members.

The Social Therapist is obliged to inform the patient and his family for his rights and the social insurance that he is entitled to receive.

Furthermore, he is also responsible for the problem solving, in case of problems between the insurance body and the patient, regarding the provision of splints, wheeling chairs etc. The Social Therapist ensures the patient’s necessary communication with services that will support his future life.