Outpatient treatment unit

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  • Ημερήσια Νοσηλεία ANIMUS
  • Ημερήσια Νοσηλεία ANIMUS
  • Ημερήσια Νοσηλεία ANIMUS
  • Ημερήσια Νοσηλεία ANIMUS

Outpatient treatment unit or day case treatment unit is addressed to patients with chronic movement disorders in good health condition, but with no need to be medically treated on a 24 hour basis.

Such categories involve patients with permanent disabilities or patients after surgical operations on bones, joints and tendons.

We provide to these patients:

  • Complete diagnostic approach and treatment of the patient and his family.
  • Complete healthcare: Participation to treatment sessions of all the nursing personnel specialties, depending on the patients needs.
  • Nursing personnel meetings on a regular basis in order to analyse the patients’ progress and set new treatment goals.
  • Provision of psychological support both to patients and their families, in order they are reintegrated normally into the social and professional environment.
  • Maintenance of the patients’ good health, using all the treatment departments: the Body strengthening department, the Hydrotherapy department, the Ergotherapy department, the Kinesitherapy department, etc.