A few words about ANIMUS

ANIMUS Recovery and Rehabilitation Center started its operation in May 2008. It is built on a really beautiful area (about 170.000 m2) in the 8th km of the Road Larissa – Trikala (next to Terpsithea village) with overall facilities size about 13.500 m2. The personnel of the Centre include 200 peoplewho take care for the physicalsentimental and social recovery of patients. We address to people who after accidents or diseases, either need an outpatient treatment or a hospitalization for their recovery and rehabilitation.

ANIMUS Recovery and Rehabilitation Center, after completing the building of the B’ Wing of Hospitalization, will be ready to offer treatment to 200 inpatients in single rooms (simple ones or suites) double rooms or triple rooms. There is also the Intensive Care Unit for more severe cases with state-of-the-art equipment.

The Center